Scanning Scripture Marks & Highlights

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Scanning Scripture Marks & Highlights

Postby Bethuel » Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:28 pm

Dear Reader,

This is a feature request. One of the things I LOVE about my bound paper scriptures is the fact that I can quickly scan the pages and find the scripture I was looking for. The markings and geography of the pages create something of a memory map for me to find the topics I need.

Enter Gospel Library, I love it, I use it every day and I love the study notebooks, highlight options and tags. However, I miss my memory map formed by patterns on the printed page.

I believe we can get that back and I believe it will benefit all users. What I envision is the ability to zoom OUT when reading a chapter or verse and be able to see dozens of "pages" of text. While this text will not be readable (too small) the highlights and markings will be visible to the user and as such the user will be able to find the verse they remember.

As an example of how this might look, view the new photo library in iOS 7 and note how you can pull WAY back and quickly scan images. Not enough to get real detail, but enough to jog your memory to a particular highlight.

Also, useful if you are just looking for, let's say, only things highlighted in yellow because that color means something about Christ. That is an easy way to scan many pages at once.

Please reply to this post if you like the idea so that perhaps a developer will get interested!

-Allyn (Sandy, UT)

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Re: Scanning Scripture Marks & Highlights

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:24 pm

I love this idea. I have suggested in the past that PDFs be made available in the app, so one can switch between the nicely-formatted print layout and the fluid text layout (like switching between text and sheet music in the LDS Music app. But the ability to zoom out even beyond reading view and see the context would be great!

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