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Feature requests GL 3

Postby corwinslack » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:11 pm

I used the app from Standard Works LLC extensively but have reluctantly made the switch. GL 3 is growing on me.

Some needed features:
1. rational sorting for lists of tagged items, and default for contents of notebooks.
2. A much better search tool with the ability to filter results by source. Also search results confined to a single verse or paragraph that meets the search criteria would be nice. Advanced search would be very nice.
3. Rich text for notes and journals with smart links that resolve within the application when in the application or to the web when exported.
4. Ability to type in 1 Nephi 2:1-3,5-6 style references and navigate to highlighted verses from notes and journals.
5. Ability to link from scripture verses to journals.
6. Ability to link to an entire chapter or add notes, highlights and annotations to the chapter header. Same for other non-scripture resources.
7. When linking to a conference talk the footnote needs more info.
8. A link to the web site for the lesson schedule. This should sync like everything else.
9. Large notes cannot be moved easily when editing notebooks.
10. Ability to tag journal entries from within the app. We can do it on the web.
11. Ability to edit links on the web.

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