Tagging and highlighting issues

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Tagging and highlighting issues

Postby peytonms » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:06 am

Two questions:
• Is there a way to delete tags from individual verses? I can't find a way to select it and trash that, and when I highlight the same verse again and go to tags, I can only add new ones—it doesn't list any tags that are already attached to the verse.

• And is there a way to select the highlighting I want for a tag? It always just automatically throws down whatever the last highlight I used, and when I select the verse to change it, it will just add the new color on top of the old one, so I end up with an ugly muddy brownish or something. I've tried the "Trash the Highlight" tip several times on several different verses, and it doesn't seem to make any difference; I haven't noticed it working particularly well on just regular highlighting either. Personally, I'd rather the verse not be highlighted at all for tagging or just something on the verse number, but I'd be happy to just be able to change what it already gives me.

To clarify, I like the idea of being able to layer highlights and underlines—there are some times when I want to note multiple things in a verse—but I'd also like the option to have absolutely nothing at all.

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