Manage Downloads UITableView cell reuse

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Manage Downloads UITableView cell reuse

Postby cyanpelican » Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:56 am

Since UITableView reuses cells, when you're browsing through the Manage Downloads tree, you can see where some cells have red "delete" icons that do not belong there.

(This is being tested in iOS Beta 4, on an iPhone 4s)

For example, under "Manuals", I have:
*in this example, (-) is the red delete icon, and > is the grey "Disclosure Indicator"

Gospel Principles (-)
Preach My Gospel (-)
Teachings of Presidents >
Melchizedek Priesthood >
Primary >

But, as soon as I scroll down, I see...

Relief Society >
Sunday School >
Aaronic Priesthood (-)
Young Women (-)
Seminary >
Institute >

In reality, "Aaronic Priesthood" should have a '>' next to it, not a red delete icon. Interestingly enough, when "Aaronic Priesthood" first appears (from being scrolled to) is when "Gospel Principles" disappears (scrolled off of the top of the UITableView);

I suspect that all that needs to be done to remedy this is just resetting the accessoryType of the UITableViewCell-s that indicate folders/groups to UITableViewCellAccessoryDisclosureIndicator whenever the cell is reused. However, I haven't used Cocoa / Cocoa Touch much, so the solution may or may not be slightly different.

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