REQ: Allow Manage Library offline

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REQ: Allow Manage Library offline

Postby gazelem67 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:06 am

I understand that the primary purpose of Manage Library is to acquire new content. But another use for it is to REMOVE content. Allow me to explain what happened.

I needed to put a lot of new data on my iPad for work and I was almost out of space. Since I had every issue of Ensign in GL, I decided to remove them all and then just download the last year or so when I got home.

When I did Remove All for the magazines, it (for some reason) decided to download a whole lot of something at the same time, or synchronize, I'm not sure. I know this because I was on my work wifi and my network admin came over and asked what I was doing to cause so much network traffic. It wasn't a fun time. :)

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