Anyone using the study notebook on iPad?

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Anyone using the study notebook on iPad?

Postby Hongziyang » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:34 am

Working on a lesson today and noticed the new 'notebook' functionality. It's a neat idea - quickly copy things to a document and be able to rearrange them, add thoughts and all the fun stuff. I could see this being quite handy.

But the navigation is challenging. There is no way that I can tell (please guide me if I'm wrong on this) to have one tab open to a working document, and quickly switch to a tab of something else (lesson manual, scriptures, etc). The only way I can figure is the tap back from document -> notebook -> library and then you have access to the tab window button again.

Not only does it make it somewhat tedious to compile a document, but not possible to use during a lesson -- to many taps and clicks to get between your outline and the actuall lesson content. (I know you can print, but for me the point of an iPad is so I don't have to print stuff, that and I am too lazy to get a new printer that works with it, lol)

It's a great idea. With a few minor UI tweaks, it could very easily become my new favorite feature! I think all it really needs is the tab/pane switcher button that lives other places.

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