Exact phrase searches

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Exact phrase searches

Postby froghunter » Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:00 pm

Is it possible in Android GL to do an exact phrase search? We can do searches for "foo" and "bar" in the same piece of content, but can we look for "foo bar"? Looking for, say, "celestial" and "marriage" among Ensign articles when one wants articles mentioning "celestial marriage" tends to return a lot of false positives. I can't find this... I hope I haven't just proven that I'm dumb. Again. :)

Ooh, and how about regex searches? For example, "*ing a celestial marriage" where * might be "mak" or "creat" or "build" or "maintain" or "liv" or... you get the idea. I think I'm probably stretching now...

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