Please document bugs in Jira

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Please document bugs in Jira

Postby jackcholt » Thu May 06, 2010 8:04 am

We need to be more rigorous about documenting bugs before fixing them so we can track changes and bug fixes and document why changes were made to the code base and to make thorough testing easier.

Please, whether you find the bug yourself or not, before you fix a bug or make a feature change, do the following:

  1. Write it up as an issue in Jira first, describing it reasonably completely to include how to reproduce it if it is a bug.
  2. Fix the bug.
  3. Test it thoroughly (you can automate this using the ldssaTest project)
  4. Commit the change to subversion, describing what you did and including the number of the Jira issue that the change was associated with.
  5. Resolve the change in Jira, describing what you did.
  6. Assign it to someone for testing.
Thank you

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