How to restore prior GL version 3.2.14

Discussions around the Android version of the Gospel Library application.
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How to restore prior GL version 3.2.14

Postby daveblac » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:38 pm

Before restoring a prior version, I recommend evaluating the positive and negative consequence of this action.
See below for more info.

GL Version 3.2.14 is the latest official 3+ release of which I'm aware.
After restoring this version, GL has worked well for me.
I'm presently running Android 5.1.1 on an LG-K330 phone with 8GB "phone internal storage" and 32GB "SD Card" storage.

Summary of how to restore a prior version:
    o Prepare phone for restoring the prior version.
    o Download the prior version to the phone.
    o Remove GL 4+ version.
    o Use a file manager to sideload install the download (.apk file).

Prepare your phone by doing:

Settings > Security > Phone Administration > Unknown Sources > Select
    o This enables sideloading; beware of sideloading other untrusted downloads.
    o After restoring the prior version, you might want to disable sideloading.
Google Play > Menu > Settings > Auto Update Apps > Do not auto-update apps
    o This prevents automatic updating to a newer version from automatically replacing the restored prior version.

From your phone, download ver 3.2.14:

Using chrome access page:
Login to: using your standard LDS credentials
Access page:
Click on the line (near the bottom of the list): gospel-library-release-20160913-1723 3.2.14 33400 ...
When the warning page is displayed, click Download at the top right corner.
OK the download to your phone. This downloads the GL release 3.2.14 (an .apk) file.

Remove GL 4+ version:
    Select: Settings > Aps > Downloaded > Gospel Library > Uninstall

    Install the GL 3+ version:
      Run a File Manager (e.g. File Manager HD).
      Install the downloaded GL .apk file.
      E.g.: Using File Manager HD do: Tools > APK Files > Select downloaded (.apk) file > INSTALL

      Consequence of reverting to a GL 3+ version:
        I suggest reading a number of the Android Gospel Library Topics, before proceeding
        (to get a more complete idea of the advantages/disadvantages of reverting to a GL 3+ version).

        You may want to include reading these two topics that I posted:
        "Missing GL SD card support is serious concern":
        "Can a GL 3+ ver be placed in the Google/Android Play Store":
          Some of the issues raised for GL 4+ may not apply to your Android phone.

          Positive consequences:
            If you do not have adequate "phone internal storage" to hold the
            GL 4+ content but do have adequate internal "SD Card" storage,
            the recommended 3+ version will allow you to use the
            "SD Card" storage for the content.
              You should make sure you have a reliable "SD Card".
              The "SD Card" should be properly formatted and not removed.
              If you are adding an "SD Card" format it, check it,
              then do not remove it once put into use (unless you understand how to do so safely).
                The 3+ version works well and is very stable (per my experience).
                  The 4+ versions are still new with bugs and undesirable behaviors, depending on personal taste.

                  Negative consequences:
                    You will need to disallow automatic updating of apps. I.e. you will need to manually update apps.
                    The GL project will not benefit from your testing of 4+ versions. Please do not duplicate issues already reported.
                    You will not have access to new improved features in version 4+.
                    To try a a newer 4+ version, you will need to uninstall your 3+ version and install the new version from the play store.
                      Then, if you decide to revert back to the 3+ version,
                      you will need to follow the steps for restoring a prior version
                      (you can likely omit the step: Download the prior version to the phone).

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                      Re: How to restore prior GL version 3.2.14

                      Postby roberte1342 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:21 pm

                      Apk for versions older than 4.0 are missing.
                      I can only find them on 3rd party apk mirrors. Anyone have a link to a trusted source for 3.2.14?

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                      Re: How to restore prior GL version 3.2.14

                      Postby russellhltn » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:38 pm

                      roberte1342 wrote:Apk for versions older than 4.0 are missing.
                      I can only find them on 3rd party apk mirrors. Anyone have a link to a trusted source for 3.2.14?

                      Even if you find it, you may find the content lacking. The older versions use a different content store which isn't receiving the same timely updates (if it's updated at all). So, you may find yourself sacrificing current church magazines.
                      Have you searched the Wiki?
                      Try using a Google search by adding "" to the search criteria.

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                      Re: How to restore prior GL version 3.2.14

                      Postby leejj » Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:19 pm

                      I used App Cloner by AppListo to run 3.2.14 along with the most current version. It has worked very well. As previously mentioned, I have noticed the content updates take longer on the old version. But what I'm looking for in the old version doesn't have to do with content.

                      I have had no problems with syncing annotations and bookmarks. The free version of the app is sufficient to get this working. I now get the best of both worlds.

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