Show highlights between languages

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Show highlights between languages

Postby bmcilw1 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:56 pm

I served a Spanish-speaking mission. Since then I've always done my personal study in Spanish. However, if I'm preparing a lesson or talk for an English-speaking crowd, I switch to English. This creates a problem.

I want to see that I've highlighted a verse even if it was in another language. I understand the complexity of deciding which words to highlight in the other language, so here's my solution.

Proposal: Show the verse highlighed/added to notebook icon for other languages. When you click on the icon, open the related content and show the verse in the language it was highlighted in, with the highlights. Allow navigation on tap.

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Re: Show highlights between languages

Postby cheerioboy » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:34 pm

Something that would help us when we do translations at our stake conferences would be a way to have side-by-side scriptures in two languages so that finding and following scriptures is easier. Currently, we have one assistant per translator to look up upcoming scriptures (we try to get advance copies of speakers' talks). A side-by-side would let an English-speaker look up the scriptures for a Spanish translator. It would also help the translator (who is bi-lingual) see both.

Is this hard to get done in any of the current apps? It would be really handy. I suppose a laptop dialed into the church Web site with two windows open would be the alternative, but the displays wouldn't synchronize as one was scrolled.

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