Auto-shifting highlights

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Auto-shifting highlights

Postby GrasseDD » Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:22 am

Anyone else see this?
Highlights change on their own. After highlighting a passage, when I come back to it, the endpoints have moved--often several characters left or right. I'ved repeatedly re-adjusted them, and I can see no pattern to it.

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Re: Auto-shifting highlights

Postby lmcguire » Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:53 am

I've seen this on rare occasion - just shifting the start / end by a few characters. I suspect it's caused by content changes and possibly errors in how they Id sections of content. E.g. in the database, it stores that your highlight begins at character 17 of [some entity with Id#47] and they tweak spacing, or fix a footnote character, or change the underlying source (formatting codes or whatever), or the text itself is updated (in manuals and the like), so that character 17 is no longer what it used to be. (This is highly probable if their method of counting characters counts the underlying formatting codes as well as readable characters.)

I haven't seen it often enough, nor tried to analyze it, so I can't be sure (that's just my best guess) - maybe they just have some kind of rendering bug (though you'd think a rendering bug would do the same thing to every highlight, not just some highlights).

If you see it a lot, you might consider:

(a) what kind of content shows the problem (scriptures, manuals, magazines, etc.) - is it consistently one type, or is the error across types?

(b) does it appear when entire verses / paragraphs are highlighted, or only in highlights where you've selected a portion of the verse / paragraph, or both? Does it matter whether the start of the paragraph (or verse number) is selected? Does it matter whether the end of the paragraph / verse is selected?

(c) are there any other unique attributes to the "shifting highlights"? (Sounds like a feature of hair color products :) )

And then (or even without all that, I just think all that would help immensely), send feedback through the app, explaining the problem and telling them a couple of your specific highlights which have exhibited the problem.

If you want community help documenting details like I mentioned above, you could ask folks to provide them in this thread, then send a link via the in-app feedback. For example, my memory says it only happens when I have partial verses / paragraphs selected (not sure my memory can be trusted, but that's what it says).



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