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Amazon Fire HD 10

Postby grizzledbaer » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:04 pm

My iPad is dead, so I am contemplating the new Amazon Fire HD 10 instead of a new iPad (which will save me about $500). I have reviewed the LDS mobile apps available for the Amazon Fire tablets, and it appears they have similar content as Apple products, but I would appreciate any comments on differences, if there are any. (This isn't a question about the tablets - just any thoughts on whether the LDS mobile apps might be different in content, features, or performance on Amazon tablets as opposed to Apple phones or tablets).

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Re: Amazon Fire HD 10

Postby lmcguire » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:20 pm


In my opinion, the GL app is pretty much the same between Apple and Android as far as features and content. The biggest difference is in how you do things (Appley or Adroidish). I made training videos for Android, with an intro blog post here: ... y-training

...if you go a little more than half way down, to the section titled "Gospel Library Content and Features", it describes each of the videos - with the title being a link to the article - with video embedded. The descriptions alone at the above link may well be enough to tell you what you want to know - a listing of what features exist. And one video would give you a look at the user interface (though I'm not sure how / if the Amazon Fire might tweak the GUI). I based my videos off some Apple videos (linked in that article) done by an institute or seminary teacher (which is why I say they're comparable as far as feature set). Since I don't have / use iOS, I'm not familiar enough to rattle off a list of differences, but the link above might get you what you want to know - or prompt specific questions.


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