can no longer highlight more than one word

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can no longer highlight more than one word

Postby ross.rick » Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:25 pm

I just noticed that I can no longer highlight anything more than a single word. If I long press, a word gets highlighted as normal. but if I try to drag either endpoint to expand the highlighed area to include more words (like an entire verse , or even just one more character) the app seems to reset its view and the highlight is lost. I can't say when this started...sadly I haven't recently tried to highlight any text and just noticed this today.

I'm running Gospel Library on an LG G3, android 5.0.1. I couldn't see anything else in this forum (Android Gospel Library) when I searched on 'highlight' so thought I should post about it. I first used the feedback option in the app to send an email to the development team. moments ago as I was typing this post, I got a response which I'm copying below. I hope this info helps someone.

---response to my in-app feedback about this problem on 9/16--
It started on September 8th, and should be corrected within the next day or two.

On September 8th Google started to roll out an update to the System Webview (which Gospel Library uses to show and highlight content). This update, from Google, crashes Gospel Library when you try to create a highlight (specifically start dragging the highlight handle on a newly created highlight).

We are actively working with Google on a fix for this issue (for both the System Webview and Gospel Library).

The following is a work-around that you can do until this issue is fixed: Long press on one word (which starts a highlight), then select somewhere else (other than the highlight, which will end the selection of the highlight), then tap on the annotation box (on the right) to change the highlight selection (you can now freely change this highlight without crashing). We hope to have this fixed soon.

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