Portuguese language settings in the Gospel library

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Portuguese language settings in the Gospel library

Postby arneg0 » Sun May 03, 2015 11:22 am

As of 2 days ago I uninstalled and reinstalled the Gospel library app in order to access the portuguese language settings. I've been changing it from English to Portuguese and only have been able to see the "Notes" and "Favorites" sections, with the "Favorites" section stil in english. Is this a temporary problem in general or just me? Any solutions please would be much appreciated.

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Re: Portuguese language settings in the Gospel library

Postby dariojr » Sun May 03, 2015 1:49 pm

i have the same problem today. ...

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Re: Portuguese language settings in the Gospel library

Postby lmcguire » Sun May 03, 2015 2:54 pm

I can't explain what changed (have no idea or way of finding out), but the following info may help...

Short answer:
Your own custom collection may (or may not) behave differently from the pre-packaged "Favorites" collection - try it and see. Or you may now have to add both language items to your custom collection as changing the library language won't impact which language is in a custom collection.

You can also use the in-app feedback to inquire of the development team - which may be your best bet (maybe it was an accident or bug).

Long answer:
1) Each tile on the home screen represents a "Collection" (of other books and/or categories).

2) "Favorites" is just a custom collection (they created it (and added books to it) when the "Custom Collections" feature was added). It's possible that they changed their handling of this collection (assuming it was ever handled differently from user-made collections, and I don't know that it was). E.g., if I create my own custom collection, I may or may not want its name translated when I switch languages (or its name may not be translatable); perhaps they used to translate the name of this one custom collection and have since stopped translating the name and are handling it like a user-made custom collection.

A similar statement could be made about the content of a custom collection - what if I have two collections, one for each of two languages, and put the English Book of Mormon in one and the Portuguese Book of Mormon in the other - I may not want the content of the collections to switch languages. (Someone else might expect the content to switch languages - it may be that the developers changed the rules in this regard, I don't know, but it seems possible.)

NOTE: You can delete the "Favorites" collection and/or create your own (with the same or different items in it). Whether those behave differently from "Favorites", I have no idea.

3) It seems like there are two ways to handle books and different languages:

a) There is only one book entity, and when you switch languages, its attributes (e.g. title / name) and content are changed to the selected language

b) Or each language of a book is a separate entity, so that the English Book of Mormon (for example) is entity #15 (for example) and the Portuguese Book of Mormon is entity #77

Depending on which of these models they use (or whether they use a different one; and I have no idea which or whether it's changed recently), that could explain why the items in a custom collection don't get translated (e.g. it could be because they're using model (b), and it's book #15 in your collection, not book #77).

Obviously other collections (those where the user doesn't choose which books are in the collection) wouldn't have this problem, and they'd just switch to the other language (whether that means removing book #15 from the "Scriptures" collection and adding book #77 in its place, or just changing the attributes and content of the Book of Mormon from English to Portuguese).

Also, they don't have translations for some things (that doesn't sound like the issue in this case, just noting it for reference).

Sorry if some of that was too database techno-babbley...



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Re: Portuguese language settings in the Gospel library

Postby arneg0 » Sun May 03, 2015 4:02 pm

My problem also is that where as I can see all the English folders, e.g; Sunday School, Scriptures, Ensign, etc. I can only see the Notes and Favorites folder

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