Please Sort Audio/Video Downloads Correctly

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Please Sort Audio/Video Downloads Correctly

Postby shawnlg » Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:08 am

When I download the Ensign, a General Conference session, or the Scriptures in Audio, my only sort options are sort by size or sort by name. Neither of these gives the correct order. I want to listen to the Ensign in the order it appears in the book. I want to listen to chapters of the Book of Mormon in numerical order (1,2,3) not alphabetical order (1,10,11...).

Also, downloadable content is not a setting, so I think you should move it to a different menu item. It took me forever to access my downloaded content in the new release because it was moved to settings, and that's the last place I thought to look :)

I do love the app, and I use it every day. I just would like a few things to work more naturally.


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