General Conference Videos / Default Quality

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General Conference Videos / Default Quality

Postby fehljam » Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:27 am

I have Gospel Library version installed.

When I attempt to watch the latest General Conference videos under Videos - General Conference - Apr 2013 General Conference, they will not play. The phone says "Cannot play video" and "Sorry, this video cannot be played." However, when I go to earlier conference videos, say for example Oct 2010, I can play them.

So I downloaded both videos, the one that would play from Oct 2010 and the one that would not play from Apr 2013 and discovered that the newer one is in 720p quality, while the older one was 360p. I believe this is why my phone would not play the new one, 720p is of a too high a video quality.

I understand higher quality is generally more desirable, but if it won't play, it is no good.

Is there a way to select the default video quality ? A setting in the app somewhere that I am missing ? The 360p video is available as a download selection on the standard General Conference web site, so the video is there. I just need to be able to select the quality. Please do not suggest I get a new more advanced technology phone. That is not a practical solution.

In the YouTube player app, there is an option/setting that says 'High quality on mobile - Start videos in high quality when connected to a mobile network. Startup may take longer." I have this unchecked. (I am connected via wi-fi.) Not sure if the Gospel Library app uses the same player settings.

Thank you.

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Re: General Conference Videos / Default Quality

Postby jasonhyer » Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:07 pm

There is not a way to change the video quality. The links to videos are set in the content links and we are dependent on our content team to set that up for us.

We have sent a request to the content team for some assistance but due to the workload they have, I don't know when or if they will get to it.
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