Android ICS and the Scriptures

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Android ICS and the Scriptures

Postby RBY7 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:22 pm

With two decades of computing experience, I am thoroughly familiar with MS Win7 (and many earlier operating systems), but I'm brand new to the mobile world of computing. For me all of this mobile environment is new and confusing so please excuse what may be an easy, even a poor question, but it is very real and important to me.

I'm shopping for a new tablet and am starting to settle on one of the Asus Transformer Pad tablets that has the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) as the OS. It will be a 10.1" display in a landscape format.

One of my primary reasons for getting this device will be to stop carrying around a quad set of scriptures in English plus a second set in Spanish. Along with two copies of everything else in the two languages including the Ensign/Liahona (last Conference issue plus this months issue again in both languages), and Teachings of the Prophets in two languages, my church backpack is so fat and heavy that I look like I am ready for an assault on Mount Everest.

I've got to slim this mobile bi-lingual library down.

Using the Book of Mormon as an example, my dream setup would look something like this:
An app (I believe that is the correct term in the mobile world) would display two side by side panes on the landscape screen (or maybe two apps) with The Book of Mormon in English on the left side (say 3Nephi 1:1) and another copy of the same chapter/verse in Spanish on the right. What would be even cooler would be if they could track together each with the other language version when scrolled, being able to track with the other one to the same Chapter/verse simultaneously.

If I could have all of my study materials packed in a digital form such as this in a slim (8.5mm) tablet case that only weighs 600 grams, man - would I be a happy camper on Sunday morning!

Looking forward to seeing if anyone here has a solution to my problem.

Rich Young
Panama, Central America

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