Unable to download current magazine or general conference

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Unable to download current magazine or general conference

Postby jasonhyer » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:00 am

We get many questions from users that are wondering when the most recent version of conference or the current month's magazines will be available. Magazines are usually posted by the first of each month and General Conference is usally posted within a week of the conference.

If you are not seeing the current or past month magazines or the recent General Conference in the app, your content has not been refreshed lately.

You will want to check a couple of things.
  1. In the app settings (Menu | More | Settings) please check to see if the "Check for catalog updates" option is checked. If not, the app will never check for new content automatically. If you want to see new content as it becomes available, this option needs to be checked.
  2. To check for content manually, please select the refresh content button (circle arrow button) on the main library tab. This will force the app to check for updated content. You should see a message that says checking for content updates. If new content is available you will see a message that content is updating. After the content is updated you should see all currently available content.
Some users have reported that the app says the content is up to date even though they don't have current content. If you get this message, there may be some corruption in your database that is preventing the app from recognizing new content is available.

If you get this message, you will need to go to the settings and choose the "Delete all content data" option. This will delete all content and you will need to download your desired content again but it will create a fresh database that will reset the flag that allows the app to check for new content.
Jason Hyer

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