Syncing between 2 Android devices - not working or just me?

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Syncing between 2 Android devices - not working or just me?

Postby froghunter » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:48 pm

So, I was listening to a talk, and the speaker gave an interesting quote. I fired up the Nook Color (CM7'd), went to Romans 12:21 and pasted the quote from a web page to the annotations. The note now appears on the NC and on However, it does not appear on my Android phone (an HTC Evo 3D). I have synced (sunc? sanc?) both devices several times.

First, what is the expected behavior? Should I have expected the comments I made on my NC to get to my phone? I figured there would be bidirectional syncing-- NC <-> <-> phone.

Second, if the above is what should have happened, am I doing it right? Is there a step I missed?

Finally, if the above are good, is this a possible bug? I'm ready to panic should the need arise.

Edit: Additional information: I tried deleting my annotations on and re-creating them. They now sync with my phone. At least functionally, the behavior appears to be: <--> NC <--> Phone
but not NC <--> <--> Phone

Is this as it should be?

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