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Share your Story about Gospel Library

Postby WEW18 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:51 am

For an upcoming LDSTech blog article, I would like to hear about your experience with Gospel Library--either in using or developing it. Please tell me:

How do you use Gospel Library?

How has Gospel Library blessed your life?

Many thanks,


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Postby lajackson » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:32 pm

WEW18 wrote:For an upcoming LDSTech blog article, I would like to hear about your experience with Gospel Library--either in using or developing it.

Gospel Library is a wonderful reference resource when it works. I use it regularly in meetings as a participant, and when I have it, I am able to avoid carrying around all of the scriptures and one or two lesson manuals. It is very convenient for me to have all of the Church curriculum material on an iPod Touch that will slip into my shirt pocket.

And when I am not at church I still have ready access to the scriptures and other curriculum materials for my own personal reading and study. It is wonderful to have such an exhaustive resource so readily available in a small package.

When it works. (You will not want to use any of the following in your article, but you did ask the question.)

I never use it when I have to rely on it, such as for teaching or speaking or actual training in a meeting for which I have responsibility. It has failed me on three very critical occasions.

Right now, because I just downloaded an updated version of the software, I do not have access to any of it. Zip. Nada. It is as if I had never even heard of the app. With every previous update, I have had to completely delete the application off of my iTouch, then reload the app and laboriously reload the entire library. This is time consuming and very inconvenient. So the updating process does not work.

In this most recent case, I have not already taken this step because I am not convinced it will solve the current problem. It may be that the wonderful volunteer developers are working feverishly to solve the problem.

But if I do not hear back with any sort of assistance soon, I have nothing to lose and will go ahead and delete and reload it.

When Gospel Library works, it is wonderful. I just cannot count on it working yet when I am in a critical situation and really need it. I believe that day will come in the future, however, with the dedication of those who are trying to make it work.

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