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Gospel Library for Nook

Postby jackcholt » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:51 pm

I am curious about improving the scripture reading experience on the B&N Nook ebook reader. I know that there are epub versions of the Bible and Book of Mormon and that since the Nook reads epub files, some strides have been made into providing the scriptures on the Nook. However, my son owns a Nook and he tells me that there are no footnote links in the church provided files and so navigating by cross-reference is not possible (he uses his laptop as his scriptures).

I'm thinking we could do a lot better. I am the community team lead for the Android version (GLA) and since the Nook runs Android, I'm thinking that we could potentially port GLA to the Nook.

However, it seems that someone from the church needs to contact Barnes & Noble in an official capacity to see would they would allow us to do from the standpoint of installing a custom application on the Nook (without "softroot"ing it). Have we done that? Just curious. :)

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Another feature that also should be considered

Postby geraldgu » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:17 am

I have a Black and White version of Nook (large reading area at top, small touch screen at bottom for navigation). I have downloaded an ePub version of the LDS Scriptures from 'LDS Scriptures.com', but find it very awkward. To navigate to a particular scripture, one chooses the volume by scrolling left-right in a two column list until the Standard Work is reached and then selected. You choose the book by scrolling left-right in a multi-column list until the book is reached and selected. You choose the chapter in the same manner, and finally the verse in the same manner.

Does Android or other technology exist that would allow for an indexed version where the index keys could show up in the touch-screen area and be more directly accessed? Think of some of the Palm versions where a stylus was used to pin-point the reference without undue scrolling.

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