Notes section missing data

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Notes section missing data

Postby enelson76 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:03 am

Hi guys. I went to my notes section today to one of my notebooks, and all the talks I had saved to that notebook are now gone. I am signed in and have synced a couple times, but the data is just gone. Any suggestions on how to restore this and ideas as to what might have happened? Thanks so much!

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Re: Notes section missing data

Postby sbradshaw » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:40 am

Are you on iOS or Android? Also, when you added the talks to the notebook, were you on iOS or Android?

What process did you use to add the talks to the notebook – did you select text and add that to a notebook, or did you use the share icon at the top of the page to add the full talk (iOS only)?

Are you able to see the talks you saved on

Are there a lot of items in the notebook? If there are not too many items to count easily – does the number of items you see in the notebook match the count that appears under the name of the notebook?

Is the notebook completely empty, or does it have other types of things, just not talks?

Do you have other notebooks, and were they affected?

Do you know if the data went missing at the time you were updated to Gospel Library 4, or did it happen some time after the update?
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Re: Notes section missing data

Postby enelson76 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:15 am

This is in iOS. Yes, the talks were added on the same iOS device, and trying to retrieve them on the same iOS device.

I added them by hitting the upper-left, up-arrow icon and choosing "Notebooks" from the action sheet.

No, I cannot see them on My notebook is there, but there is now nothing in the notebook.

There were only four or five talks in there, so no, not lots of data.

The notebook is completely empty.

I do have other notebooks, and they are not affected.

This seems to have happened yesterday. You guys had that issue where the BoM disappeared, so I deleted and reinstalled the app thinking it was a problem with my phone. I logged in after installing and synced, and the notebook data was gone.

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