Annotation suggestion for gospel library app

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Annotation suggestion for gospel library app

Postby dallenmd » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:06 pm

I love the gospel library app that is available. It is awesome! I study with it daily and am always creating and linking new notes and tags together. It has helped me study conference talks as well as the scriptures in a way I can't do as easily with printed materials. I love the highlighting and note taking ability. One consideration for an update would be the ability to physically write (with a finger or an apple pen, etc) on the app...making personal hand-written notes just as I would and do in my printed scriptures, handbooks, etc. I think that the ability to do something like that would be phenomenal. Thanks!

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Re: Annotation suggestion for gospel library app

Postby ToManyLetters » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:48 pm

This has been a feature that has been requested on the Windows version of the app since it first came out. Unfortunately, it's just not feasible. I'll copy our FAQ response below as I believe it's pretty clearly-worded:

2. My device has a pen. Why can't I just draw on the screen?

This is a really cool feature idea, but, at least at present, it doesn't appear to be feasible to implement because of the way text reflows in the application. Doing something as simple as adjusting font size or changing the snap or window size for Gospel Library would cause notes created by a pen to become distorted or out of place. We are, however, working on ideas that will still make the pen a valuable tool for study.

On Windows, we introduced the Live Pen feature that allows users to mark their scriptures with their pen as if they were using a pen on their scriptures. We'd like to introduce a "Canvas" feature, too, that would effectively be a little drawing square. However, the annotations web service would have to support such a feature before it could be implemented, and it doesn't. At present, I think the annotations web service is busy ensuring that any issues with the upgrade from 3.x versions of the app to 4.x are remedied as quickly as possible, and I wouldn't expect new features to be added to the annotations web service any time soon.
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