Preferred version of "Prophet of the Restoration"

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Preferred version of "Prophet of the Restoration"

Postby cteames » Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:47 am

Currently only the 2011 version of "Joseph Smith: prophet of the restoration" is available in the Gospel Library app. The 2002 version (the one shown in the Joseph smith memorial building) is only available in the media library on This is more a matter of personal opinion but the 2002 version is far more impactful and generally of higher quality. As a missionary, I far prefer to show this version to investigators and recent converts but it is only available via and cannot be downloaded and shown through gospel library on an iPad.
Does anyone know why the 2011 version is so different, why it is preferred on gospel library and by what means, if any, the 2002 version could be made more available for the gospel library?

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