Problem with updated LDS Library

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Problem with updated LDS Library

Postby jhamaker » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:52 am

I am having a problem with the updated LDS Library.
When using the older version of the Lesson manuals, we were able to touch on a highlighted scripture, it goes to that scripture, then to get back to the lesson manual we touch on the back arrow. The program would take us back to the exact place we were in the lesson.
On the updated version, when we touch on the back arrow it doesn't take us to the exact place where we were in the manual, it goes to the top of the lesson. This is very frustrating.

Is there any way this can be remedied?


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Re: Problem with updated LDS Library

Postby lajackson » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:58 pm

What device are you using? My Android still works the way it did, but I notice now that upon returning from the scripture it will flash first to the top of the lesson, then move down to where I was before.

Maybe that second part is not working on your device. You might inquire in the specific topic for your device (Mobile Applications > Gospel Library > [your device] Gospel Library), or send feedback through the app to the email listed and seek a solution that way.

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Re: Problem with updated LDS Library

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:44 pm

It's possible that the vertical location on the page is remembered in the memory cache of your device, but if the device is low on memory it has to refresh the page from scratch (instead of keeping the page in memory), which would make it load to the top. I have an old inherited iPad that always refreshes the page when I go back or switch tabs in my web browser, because it doesn't have enough memory. When the page refreshes it forgets where it was vertically.
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