Classroom use - finding paragraphs

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Classroom use - finding paragraphs

Postby mweaver » Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:49 am

One of the main issues with the Gospel Library app in a classroom setting is the ability for everyone to easily find the same point in the lesson. With printed manuals, you can say "third paragraph on page two". Even though the app does have page numbers now, it can be difficult to find a specific page and know where the page starts. I was thinking about suggesting some magic button to automatically sync all of the devices in the room via WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, or something similar. However, that would be quite complicated to implement. Perhaps some simpler ways to help with this issue would be:

1) Add a horizontal line that separates each page, so it is a little easier to see where the pages starts

2) Add a "bird's eye view" button that will show the current lesson/chapter/article as a list of paragraphs with only the first three or four words of the paragraph. It is common for an instructor to say, please read the paragraph that starts with "We believe that families ...", or something like that. If the class members could quickly and easily see a list of the first phrase of each paragraph, it would be much easier to keep up with the instructor. It would be nice if the list included section headings, almost like a table of contents. Perhaps even show pages in the list (lines and page numbers separating paragraphs) .

Thanks for a great app!

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