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random scripture lookup

Postby ryanschmitz » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:18 pm

I thought it might be a neat feature to have a random scripture lookup button. Like with a physical copy of the scriptures, a user might select a major volume for the random lookup, do a full random lookup from all the standard works, or have a random seminary scripture mastery verse selected.

I love the app, though I do wish the features and apps available for Android matched those available for iOS users.

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Re: random scripture lookup

Postby liz_monty2 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:47 pm

Although the Gospel Library app doesn't have a random scripture lookup button, I created a Random Scripture Generator website that does this exact thing, and it works well on both the computer and on mobile devices. You can visit it here: https://randomscriptureverse.com/

1) Displays a random verse from a selection of Standard Works (you can select whichever ones you want)
2) Displays a random verse from a specific Standard Work
3) Displays a random verse from a book of scripture (e.g. Matthew, Alma, Moses, etc.)
4) Displays a random verse from your Favorites (which you can manage by signing up for an account)

Ways of Randomizing
[You can select which one by clicking the settings icon near the bottom of the page, default is weighted]
1) Weighted Random first selects a random work, then book, then chapter, then verse
2) Pure Random gives a completely random verse from the pool of all possible verses

Link to LDS.org
Every random scripture comes with a URL to link to that verse in context on LDS.org (or if on a mobile device with Gospel Library downloaded, Gospel Library opens). This allows you to read the surrounding verses like you would do if opening paper scriptures.

I hope you enjoy it! I know I sure have!

-Liz Kazandzhy

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Re: random scripture lookup

Postby markdj » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:20 pm

That random scripture lookup site sounds cool. I couldn't get it to open for me just now though in iPhone safari or chrome!
Is there an option to have it select from scripture mastery verses?
Also, can it be run by API?

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