Handbook 2 Subdivisions

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Handbook 2 Subdivisions

Postby mll1013 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:38 pm


I love all of the great content available on the Gospel Library app. I've been reading Handbook 2 extensively recently due to a new calling, and I love having it everywhere with me, so I can read it wherever I'm at!

However, I do find it a bit wearisome trying to navigate the long unbroken chapters of the Handbook. A lot of scrolling is required to navigate these chapters. With that, I have two requests:

1) Is it possible to add fast scroll capability to document pages that are long? Fast scroll is available when selecting chapters (Think hymn book contents), but not inside
of documents (think D&C 107.)

2) Is it possible to sub-divide the Handbook 2 chapters, to make it easier to navigate. If I have a leader to say, "turn to section 8.6.2", it would be very helpful to at least have the first-level sub-section (8.6) to get closer to the spot without a lot of scrolling.

Thanks for the great effort in putting together this app, making it so much easier for us to carry around our scriptures, manuals, handbooks, and other materials.

Mike Lewis

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