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by sammefford
Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:05 pm
Forum: LDS Tools
Topic: Priest Quorum Asst Advisor can't list Priests?
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Priest Quorum Asst Advisor can't list Priests?

I'm a Ward Clerk. Our Priest Quorum Assistant Advisor showed me how his iPhone LDS Tools app can't see the list of priests. I checked and he's correctly signed up in Leader and Clerk Resources as Priests Quorum Assistant Adviser. I checked the Access Table in LCR and it doesn't list a feature called...
by sammefford
Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:02 am
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Importing V-card format into Palm Desktop
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Works for me!

I was able to import vcard into my Palm Desktop 6.2.2 by opening the category where I wanted the contacts to go, then dragging the vcard file onto palm desktop. On a related note, since I already had 15 categories, and palm desktop limited me to 15 categories, I was forced to consolidate. I found I ...

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